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Sell the video games you no longer play directly to other gamers for a virtual credit called coins.


On 99Gamers sellers pay for shipping. Since buyers always get free shipping, it all evens itself out in the end.

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Spend earned coins on thousands of great games! And best of all, once you're done with a game, just sell it for another!

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99Gamers does not take any cuts or fees. All possible savings are passed on from gamer to gamer!

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For less than $3 in shipping costs, you get a new game to play! Never shipped? We'll walk you through the complete process.

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99Gamers is the easiest way to buy and sell anything gaming. All 100% free.
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Born from an idea on Reddit, our community continues to be the reason why more people are choosing 99Gamers over GameStop and eBay.
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Our Trader Guarantee keeps you safe Trader Guarantee Your coins are 100% covered by our Trader Guarantee. Every trade, every time. Learn more about Trust & Safety
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is 99Gamers really free?

Yes, 99Gamers is 100% free. There are no fees or cuts taken.

Where is 99Gamers available?

99Gamers currently supports digital game trading world wide and physical game trading in the US and Canada. While one of our long-term goals is to make 99Gamers available in more countries, at this time we only support physical game trading in the US and Canada.

How does shipping work?

The seller pays the cost of shipping the game to the buyer. Once you sell a game, you will ship the game to the buyer. We'll help you through the complete process!

When you buy a game, you will not have to pay anything for shipping, so it all evens itself out in the end.

What are coins?

99Gamers uses a virtual credit called 'coins' to trade games. Working as a free market, sellers set their own prices and buyers choose who they would like to buy from.

By using coins, members must actively participate in both buying and selling games. This fosters a community filled with people who continue to sell games they've bought so they can get more games.

How do I know if the seller shipped the game?

Sellers use a tracking number. This not only lets both members know when the game has arrived but also lets them follow the games journey to its new home!

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